Scientific Your Technology Guide Human Activity

This paper discusses the text’s central position in technology, the underlying principles, and the differences between science and technology. It extends our earlier text-based definition of science to the definition of technology. Consequently, a text-centered, interactive model of science and technology is proposed.

The advances in technology will send humans to Mars in the near future. Internet of things, 5G, artificial intelligence, automated driving, and so on and on, probably no one is able to list all the new technologies that are emerging. The complexity of the technological world is wonderful but just as bewildering, and difficult to grasp. Yet, the researchers, engineers, and technicians just need to focus on their own portion of the work.

The complex robots are composed of smaller functional units that are manageable by the respective professionals. They are guided by scientific texts and in the minds. Despite the complexity of technologies, they will finally be traced to the simple origin in scientific texts.

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January 28, 2023

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