Career Track Watch and Learn

Explore the videos below. They cover essential skills like networking, LinkedIn, job search strategies, and resume writing. Dive in to enhance your skills now.

Gain an Edge: Veteran Recruiter Panel

Tips for vets, how how to stand out from the crowd, plus COVID-19 market perspective.

Career Path: Why Vets Make Great Product Managers

Mike Pavek highlights unique attributes vets can bring to this field.

Resume: A System for Continual Edits

Alan Hill, EGCT leader, shares his low-stress system for tailoring your resume in job search.

Get Focused: Philosophy and Mindset of Job Search

Alan Hill shares how you can start your job search right with 1 simple mindset shift.

Transition: What Business Sector is Right for You

Mike Pavek helps you learn what he found to be one of the hardest things about transition.

Networking: Lessons from Children's Classics

Alan Hill on how our underlying philosophies of networking may keep us from connecting.

Gain an Edge: Biggest Mistakes Job Seekers Make

Alan Hill’s insights on practical ways veterans can be successful in their job search.

Networking: Why Do We Need to Network

Veteran Patrick Sauer shares a job networking system which has helped him.

Career Skills: LinkedIn for Veterans' Job Search

Jeff Coltman shares the latest tips for veterans using LinkedIn in networking and job search.

Gain an Edge: Understand Company Financial Statements

Mike Pavek on how to assess/apply info from company finance statements to job search.

Career Path: Entrepreneurship for Veterans

Veteran/entrepreneur Jon Stojan on starting your own business after the military.

Transition: Four Gears to Job Transition

George Murray, author and v.p. operations, shares how to speed up your job transition.

Gain an Edge: ID and Communicate Transferable Skills

Beth Schiestl of Excelsior Group shares how veterans can make big impact with employers.

Get Focused: How Soon Will You Get a Job

Alan Hill shares how to measure your job search success/progress.

Gain an Edge: Two Skill Sets Manufacturers Want from Employees

Kirby Sneen, pres. Manufacturers Alliance, shares how veterans can translate critical skills.

Gain an Edge: Navigating the Interview Process

HR sourcer Angela Kulzer shares insider a-z interview process so vets can succeed.

Get Focused: Mindset for Job Search and Career Path

Heather Lindgren of DEED shares lessons she’s learned throughout her professional journey.

Career Path: Seize Opportunities That Begin with Eagle Group

Wes Jackson shares how he was prepared to take advantage of job-market opportunities.