Welcome to Eagle Group of Minnesota Veterans: Your Ally Since 2010

In 2010, Eagle Group of Minnesota Veterans was born from a powerful desire to stand by our military veterans — true heroes who’ve bravely defended our freedom. We stepped up to recognize the hurdles these veterans and their families face while transitioning to civilian life, particularly securing employment.

Why We Serve: Honoring Your Service With Ours

You’ve done your part; now it’s our turn. Transitioning to civilian employment should be rewarding, not merely a dream. Eagle Group of Minnesota Veterans is committed to supporting our veterans, military, and family members in each step through the process.

Join Our Flight: Together, We Soar

Whether you’re a veteran eyeing your next career move, a family member needing support, or wish to back our cause, there’s room for you here. Our strength lies in unity; when one of us soars, we all rise.

Paving Your Path to A Bright Future

At Eagle Group, our goal is loud and clear: to steer our veterans toward a successful life after service. It’s more than just a thank you; it’s action. We’ve tailored exceptional support services specifically for our veterans and their families to ensure no one walks this journey alone.

Networking and Community

Step into a community of peers and supporters at our monthly meetings, where we share, learn, and grow, reinforcing our sense of belonging and purpose.

Job Search Support

Think of us as your job-hunting ally, constantly looking for opportunities that align with your unique talents and aspirations.

Employment Resources

Interview prep, resume writing, negotiation skills, professional headshots, and more.

Community Support Resources

From counseling and therapy sessions to support groups and workshops, we offer a supportive environment for veterans seeking assistance and guidance.


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