Eagle Group

Valiant to Versatile: Transforming Military Excellence into Civilian Success

Mission Statement

Eagle Group of MN Veterans empowers veterans, active military personnel, and their families to thrive in new careers. We honor our shared service bond by creating a trusting, supportive community. We forge strong connections through coaching, networking events, and referrals that open doors to new opportunities.

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Thank you veterans

Three Cs for Success

At Eagle Group meetings, you’re backed by a cadre of volunteers dedicated to helping you achieve your goals at any stage of your life or career.


Veterans, military spouses and service members meet and stay connected in a group that honors your sacrifices


Customized career-transition plans, networking and coaching for skills-building, confidence and resilience


A “be there” group of veterans and civilian allies 100% invested in your well-being and success

Ways You Can Help

Donate. Your gift in any amount helps us provide:

Monthly Eagle Group meeting. Programming for veterans and families

Outreach and resources. Support and networking for Eagle Group participants

Give back. Veterans, spouses and service members who are ready to help.

Offer opportunity. Business leaders, human resources professionals and other civilian allies who wish to coach and offer networking and other career opportunities.

Partner in support. Community service providers who wish to strengthen our collaboration.